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Für Russisch, Deutsch, Englisch, Ukrainisch: Übersetzer & Dolmetscher von Leon Ivanov Translations

Welcome to the pages of mar.at!

Welcome to Leon Ivanov Translations

What does MAR.AT mean? It means, that we deliver

M other-tongue

A ccurate

R eliable and

A ffordable

T ranslations.

Our vision of what a translator or an interpreter should be able to give you

Conference Interpreter English Russian offers a whole range of interpreting and translation services. However complex the project may be we always act goal-oriented, focusing on delivering the end product.

A good translation should be smooth, fluent and natural.

We would like to share our vision with you. The services we provide are manifold and diversified. Our website shows the way we support you to achieve success within different linguistic environments.

Highly qualified professional translators for English, Russian and German language combinations

We provide top quality translations and excellent interpreting services from English to Russian and Russian to English, which may be vital not only for your professional needs but also for your personal success.

  • Are you planning to launch your product on to the Russian market? We produce accurate factual translations for user guides, maintenance manuals and any other product documentation. For such technical translations, in particular in computing and software localization, anything less is unacceptable.
  • Are you aiming to draw in Russian-speaking customers via your website? We can guarantee an accurate, factual and consistent translation of your website content into Russian, taking into account specific Russian terminology in a given industry.
  • Are you planning an important meeting with foreign business partners but are unsure whether your Russian language skills will do you justice? We can provide a reliable high quality interpreting services that you can count on.
  • Have you invited guests from Russia or the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) to a conference or a training course, who speak neither English nor German? We are at your service, to be at your disposal at all times, no if or buts.
  • Do you want to book a hotel in Russia but do not have the language skills? We can always lend a helping hand - that's a promise!

Translating and interpreting - we are competent and reliable professionals

Professional translating and interpreting requires not only excellent linguistic skills but also strong cross-cultural and technical knowledge. Translating a marriage certificate does not require the same skill as simultaneous conference interpreting. Technical knowledge and sensitivity, as well as communication and language skills are a prerequisite for successful collaboration.

Experience has shown, time and time again, that a poor or flawed translation can often have unpleasant or even far-reaching consequences. If you and the company you represent wish to avoid misunderstandings and complications, you need a competent reliable partner, whose trust will amount to more than mere lip service.

Conference interpreter English Russian and Russian translation services translators and interpreters are your partners whenever you need them!

Unusual or demanding projects - we take the challenge

Have you experienced any of these situations before: the project has a small word-count; the document needs to be translated over the weekend; the original document is a scanned manuscript? Then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We consider all jobs, even the most demanding. We enjoy a good challenge!

Excellent and reliable interpreters and translators for Russian, English, German and UkrainianWe accept impractical or unusual projects, which others tend to turn down, because our major concern is to deliver professional support services that will secure your success. After all, your success is our success.

We ensure top quality management by arranging an immediate in-depth briefing session with you, in order to determine the requirements and deadline for the project.

We provide translations from English into both Russian and Ukrainian target languages, thanks to a pool of highly qualified translators and interpreters. We also specialize in English to German, and German to English translations, as well as Russian to German and German to Russian.

Our quality management procedures are in accordance with the DIN EN 15038 standard (DIN CERTCO Reg.-No. 7U057).

Our membership in professional associations:

BDÜ: Federal association of interpreters & translators in Germany on Conference Interpreter English Russian.

TEKOM: German professional association for technical communication and information development

We work towards your SUCCESS by offering a broad range of services!

That is our mission, ensuring your overall SUCCESS with MAR.AT

S We make sure we maximise customer satisfaction. The goals and aims of our clients are our be-all and end-all.

U Flexibility and utmost confidentiality are the cornerstones of our goal-orientated services.

C Our modern business code of practice ensures we deliver these services with speed and efficiency.

C Cost and time management are our forte.

E We are expanding and developing markets, mainly in the UK, Germany and Austria, France and Switzerland, Russia and the Ukraine.

S Our flexible business structure relies on modern business practices, allowing us to respond to market demands for translators and interpreters, as well as cutting your costs.

S We offer a wide range of services specific to ourselves.

In short, Conference interpreter English Russian provides interpreters and translators for English, German, Russian and Ukrainian who excel in expertise, reliability and confidentiality.

Interpreting and translation: Conference Interpreter English Russian, Russian Translation Services Translations.