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Technical Translation Russian and Russian Translation
Technical Translation Russian and Russian Translation
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Localization: Russian Translation, Technical Translation Russian

The Russian Federation market: Leon Ivanov Translations assists you for software localization in Russia

We are not simply an ideal partner in providing translation services for specific IT texts. For research and software localization, preparing a product launch on the Russian Federation market, we can assist you in many ways with our expertise and our portfolio of contacts in that country.

Requirements for software localization in Russia

Localization is a specific translation procedure requiring the setting up of multilingual terminology. The best way to do this is with a software product in the conception phase before moving on to the programming phase.

In addition to this, there are specific national standards, such as for time and currency. Also, there are general characteristics, such as color sensitivities, symbolism and unusual fonts. Finally, there are cultural specifics and sensitivities which must be taken into account when conceiving a multilingual piece of software. And our expertise in Technical Translation Russian does not end with the translation and producing the final product, it continues with the actual introduction of the product.

Russian Translation: Work on-site in Russia

What can we assist you with on-site? All the required language skills, without which things might be difficult. But that isn't the only thing.

You need to have expert knowledge of the area. You will need reliable information regarding the transport connections and geography in the area. You need to know about the existing competition, be able to judge business networks and know the media multipliers.

You will need to respect local usage and customs. But in order to do this, you have to know about them. For this, you need reliable advice and recommendations about which authorities you need to seek out and other procedures you need to go through.

Our Technical Translation Russian and Russian Translation team can address all this for you.

Uses of software localization

For the following software uses, we can deliver additional translation services to help your developers, as well as help with regionalization and localization.

  • Operating systems
  • Corporate software
  • Network monitoring systems
  • Complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM): Materials Management (Acquisition, storage, merchandise planning)
  • Software for Customer Relations Management (CRM)
  • Special software for Marketing and Sales
  • Finance and Accounting Systems
  • Master Data Management
  • Industry Software for Medical and Chemical industries
  • Geo-information Systems, amongst others

It is of crucial importance during the setting up of business relationships with international foreign partners, that all written and spoken communication be word perfect especially regarding the complex process of software localization. Our specialized linguists at LEON IVANOV TRANSLATIONS can be of considerable assistance to you. Our knowledge of the Russian market and regions will raise standards and help you develop a positive corporate image, strengthening your position, brands and products on the Russian market.

For software, as with many other fields, in-depth market research is not only of great assistance but can prove to be an absolute necessity in Technical Translation Russian and Russian Translation.

Technical Translation Russian and Russian Translation